CEO's Message

Enriching the knowledge-contents...

Since its establishment in 1997, our company, Nurimedia Co., Ltd. has focused its efforts on enhancing and enriching the databases of knowledge-contents in order to become a company with richest knowledge-contents in Korea, or the key company of the knowledge-contents in Korea. Nurimedia is working to serve all the needs of customers --including public libraries and school libraries as well as university & college libraries-- for knowledge. Nurimedia is doing its best to become the unparalleled company who integrates into an organic frame all the historically inherited knowledge-contents, accomplishments of predominant scholars, and the knowledge-contents produced by public institutions including government. Nurimedia is the high-tech company who distributes the knowledge-contents to all around the world even to remote places.

As CEO, I make Nurimedia a lively company to where experts in digital fields gather to work, new comers find vision of life, and all the company members devote themselves with the spirit of craftsman to the development of databases of knowledge-contents and E-books.

In order to meet the expectations of our customers we work not for the shortsighted profit but for the long-term interest. We are working with the mind of marathoners who run the 42.195 kilometers, not with the mind of runners of 100 meters. Your love and belief in our products and services will encourage us.
Sincerely yours

대표이사 사인

Soonil Choi, President