• New format of knowledge contents which takes advantages of digital media, while preserving all the features of paper books.
  • Superb E-biz partnership with publishers and copyright holders through transparent copyright management.
  • User convenience through synthesized management of diverse & various contents (such as VOD, E-book, Websites contents)

Nurimedia, as a company specialized in knowledge-contents, is actively engaged in the E-Book service under copyright contracts with innumerable publishers and copyright holders including Munji Publishing, Publishing Dept. of Seoul National University, and so on.

We are developing entirely new designs of E-books with the features of innovative configuration and enhanced data search capacity. that is, we have developed our own differentiated unique advantages in terms of both size and quality of contents products beyond just digitalizing traditional paper books.

BookRail website

  • BookRail is a newly developed unique E-book service which is thoroughly differentiated from ordinary E-book services.
  • Through KDC v. 4 classification system, you can access to thousands of E-books per every field and to lots of Project E-books, and new E-books are added every day.
  • We are offering a lot of E-books which were selected and honored in 2006, 2007 and 2008 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as the Excellent u-Books or the Best u-Books.

Key Features of BookRail

Powerful Text Search Engine
  • User-friendly designed interfaces.
  • Simple & concise labeling.
  • Articulate & clear page design for every category.
  • Synthesized management system.
Intuitive & Easy User Interface
  • Customizable user-friendly designs.
  • Quick data retrieval through multimedia elements.
  • Enhanced readability.
  • Specially designed unique text search engine for Project E-books.
Diverse Project E-books
  • One-click access to E-book contents without downloading any special viewer program.
  • Full support of Korean E-book standard EBKS.
  • Optimal environment configuration by user customizable features.
Easy-To-Use Viewer Program
  • Linkage to annotations, footnotes, glossaries for keywords in text.
  • Simultaneous viewing of original and translated texts.
Target-Specific Customized E-books and E-Libraries For
  • Schools
  • Universities or Colleges
  • Public libraries
  • Enterprises and institutions