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Copyright Policy
All contents materials (including DBpia, KRpia) of Nurimedia are provided under copyright holders’ official approval and agreement. Unauthorized copying, posting, transferring, and distribution without legal approval is prohibited by copyright law.
Work Process
Strictly under the terms of copyright contracts, Nurimedia is authorized to transfer, copy, sell products. Nurimedia pays all costs of application development, database construction, database marketing.
Present Status
As of FEBRUARY 2014, we are providing service to 210 public, enterprise laboratories in korea, and we are providing contents service to 80 foreign universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Tokyo, London, Cambridge, Vienna, Wellington University, and so on.
Key Agreement
All the contents of Nurimedia are protected by copyrights. Any copying, transmission and/or distribution of them without proper rights can be the infringement of intellectual property.
To whom it may concerned
Nurimedia has built up digital databases of journals and publications, and is providing them on-line to various kinds of institutions like university libraries as well as to individuals. Thanks to these on-line database services the number of article readers has shown big increases.

해외DB사 연계

The maximal search environment through many search solutions.
Foreign DB company linkage
Institute Solution
Pro Quest Serials Solutions, Summon Solution
Google Google Scholar, Google
Ex Libris SFX, METALIB, Primo Central
EBSCO EBSCO AtoZ, LinkSource With AtoZ, Discovery
온라인 저작권료 정산 시스템
We offer services for institutes such as university libraries, public libraries, and other similar research institutions and personal service through domestic, and overseas academic websites (Google Scholar). DBpia has signed business agreements for original texts service with National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF), Korea Institute of Construction Technology (KICT), Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation (KOBACO), and so on. Further, we are constantly to expanding our service coverage of original texts of major national institutions.
To whom it may concerned
We make differentiated high quality e-books. We make e-books in the way to maximize the usage of the contents.
Creativity of Project E-Books
Our Project E-books are series of E-books every one of which shares the same topic or genre, while fully utilizing multimedia elements and customizable web-based features to attract reader’s interest. Furthermore, Project E-books support text search feature to maximize its applicability.

We are taking full advantage of multimedia elements in order to attract readers’ interest and high accessibility to archive. Moreover, our text search feature will help you to find the information you need.
High User-Friendliness
In terms of size, quality, and user convenience, our e-books are highly praised.
Our e-book library supports one-click access to contents without downloading additional viewer program and also is categorized according to Decimal Classification (KDC) system for the convenience of library staffs as well as library users.
Superb Partnership
Creating High Added Value
Nowadays, many libraries are spending more and more budget to collect high quality resources, and their needs are constantly growing. In order to cope with such trends, we carefully choose decent books as original sources of advanced E-books. For that reason, our products are marked with high sales rates.
Transparent royalty settlement
We open to the public our royalty settlement and product delivery status.