Academic competitiveness depends on information gathering & processing capabilities. Today in Korea, there are more than 3,000 academic societies and each of them produces huge amounts of information through a variety of publications such as journals and books. Thus, it is getting harder and harder to spot exactly the necessary information in the flood of information. To facilitate academic activities, we have digitalized academic publications, and we are offering academic online database service.

As we are providing the high quality contents in exactly the same formats with the original, printed paper books and paper journals, researchers, students, and writers can quote what they need --the exact contents and page numbers-- directly from the E-Journals and E-books of Nurimedia without printed books and journals in hand.

DBpia website

Key Features of DBpia

Quick & Precise Bibliographic Information Search
  • General search: author, title, name of publication.
  • Advanced search: title, author, name of publication, publisher, date of publication, issue number, volume number, serial number.
Powerful Synthesized Search
  • Synthesized search for each specialized field.
  • Supports full search against whole DBpia contents resources.
Easy User Interface
  • User Image Model Based Information Design.
  • Behavior Pattern Analysis-Based Browsing System.
Universal Viewer Support
Powerful Customization Features
  • Users can bookmark search result page.
  • Search results can be sent by E-mail.

The state of DBpia databases

  • 9 categories
  • 3,539 journals
  • 2,536,046 articles
  • 22,171,412 pages