R & D

Always does Nurimedia’s that side with client best to provide activity- circumstances client that can search The Optimal product. For this, Nurimedia develop and improve to technique that between various electronic resources and improvement of suitability method, bolster facet function by provide interface, exc.

Search remarkable of DBpia

Support to search of Unicode-based by languages
Construct to global use-circumstances that searchable signed bibliography's details by various language from all over the world
Search of old Korean character and Search of a vocal solo in Chinese character
By handling that old Chinese character -> Search by Korean, Korean -> feasible search by Chinese character
Support to search integration and classified by Contents Type
- Searchable in single picture by various electronic resources unified perfect single database
Index handling of method in morpheme + Bi-Gram
Increase in user's satisfaction by a high recall factor of search


  1. Computer
  2. Standard query
  3. Search Daemon
  4. Engine query
  5. Index Daemon
  6. Result Set
  7. Search Daemon
  8. Result-value Output
  9. Computer

Detail browse screen


Search result

Generating the supreme Search result by ranking and apply weighted value classified by feed

Supplement-handling to small-meta data by apply weighted value classified by Contents Type
Even unified various electronic resources support to use-circumstances that search-result that want who users be exposure to that's rank by suitable weighted value
Search-result optimization by title, writer, keyword, index, Ranking application of extract
Raise recall factor by apply various filed of search object, and each classified Ranking application


Future, extendibility support to collection-based for acceptation various contents

  1. Future, regarding for extendibility for accept data that nation-knowledge, OAI(Open Archives Initiative)
  2. Arrangement that search-circumstances for leap of Portal that real scholarship Knowledge

electronic journal / e-books / webDB / reference. Dictionary/ VOD / nation-knowledge / OAI

  • electronic journal
  • e-books
  • WEB DB
  • reference. Dictionary
  • VOD
  • (nation-knowledge)
  • (OAI)