Q1What is KF supporting program and who is eligible for supporting program for Korean Studies e-Resources from Korea Foundation?
A1.The Korea Foundation offers its “Support for Korean Studies e-Resources” program. Under this program, the Foundation provides support to selected universities to assist with the payment of the subscription/user fees required to access online Korean Studies resources so that these materials can be more readily available to Korea-related students, scholars, and relevant specialists. Four-year universities abroad that maintain a Korean Studies or Korean-language center, department or program, or an East Asian studies program, are eligible to apply for program support. In addition, institutions with Korean Studies graduate students and scholars that need expanded access to electronic resources are also eligible to apply Visit KF website for more details; http://en.kf.or.kr/?menuno=603
Q2We can hardly make a multi-year contract due to administrative reasons. Do you have any alternatives?
A2.You can make a one year contract as well. The contract will be modified accordingly.
Q3Do you provide usage statistics?
A3.Yes, we provide it through Customer Website. (http://customer.nurimedia.co.kr). In order to view statistics ID and Password is required. You can request us for your ID and Password.
Q4Can I download banners from DBPIA website?
A4.Yes, you can download it from “User Resources” at http://customer.nurimedia.co.kr. Or you can receive it by email on your request.
Q5Do you have any other services except DBPIA?
A5.In addition to DBPIA we provide KRPIA service. Following are the brief descriptions on those service products;
  • ▶ DBpia e-Journal Service (http://www.dbpia.co.kr)

    DBPIA is a domestic journal archive service covering economics and management, education, law, administration, social science, theology, literature, arts and hysical education, medicine, humanities, and natural sciences. It provides the most minant and highest quality scholarly information service equipped with the following key features such as ①quick and precise bibliographic search; ②powerful federated search; ③easy interface; ④universal viewers support; ⑤powerful customization support.
  • ▶ KRpia Service (http://www.krpia.co.kr)

    KRPIA is a knowledge content native to Korea covering 10 subject categories of Literature, History, Philosophy, Arts, Culture, Religion, Animals/Plants, Social Science, Korean Traditional Medicine, and References. It provides original texts and multimedia with key functions of Powerful Federated and Fulltext Search; Most Optimized Interface enabled by Digital Interaction Technology; Unicode Supporting; Online Annotation; Convenient Data Management.
Q6I want to know all about trial service.
A6.For inquiries of overseas institutions’ trial, annual subscription fee, and services, etc., please contact with the agent or directly to us depends on the regions of institution. Click here for information and contact details.
Q7When we face a service trouble, what do we do?
A7.If you find any problem with our services, please email us the problem to either yjh@nurimedia.co.kr or sales@nurimedia.co.kr. Service trouble will be treated at the first priority immediately upon receipt, and will be notified to you with the results.
Q8Is there any options for archiving service? Such as provision of backup CD-ROM or digital archiving and preservation service?
A8.Currently we do not provide data backup CD-ROM and any archiving service, either.
Q9What is the subscription policy either for multi campuses or affiliated organizations?
A9.We regard it as an independent subscriber when the name of either campus or location is different. And you have to make another subscription contract.