Creating a sustainable Korean academic industry.

We, as a leading corporation in the academic industry, endeavor to provide a better academic environment for researchers.
We aim to become the academic platform that researchers use on a daily basis.


Tenacity for customers
From the client's point of view, we consider invaluable service.
We provide service to our clients upto satisfaction with maximum profit.
Problem-consciousness about work
Understanding the 'why' of all tasks and performing them independently is what we strive to do.
We consider what we can achieve goals through the duties we perform.
Challenge for Innovation
We innovate new methods not seized by the old methods.
Once the goal is determined, we confront challenges until it is achieved.
We evolve into experts in our respective fields through constant studies and self-development.
Based on our respective expertise, we create greater results.
We communicate freely and actively to achieve the corporate objective.
Through continuous communication, we establish the best solution.
Mutual trust
We look upon our clients and colleagues with respect, honesty, and equality.
We strive to support each other and contribute to the achievement of our vision and mission.